SaniClean Carpet

SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning Products (SaniClean Carpet LLC) is derived from SaniClean Dry Carpet Cleaning Services. We are a professional carpet cleaning service based out in Seattle, WA.

Having utilized our proprietary carpet cleaning powder (snow) successfully for years servicing residenital and commercial properties, we wanted to bring to the product to you for in-home use. Because of it’s effective non-toxic deep cleaning and sanitizing capabilities, it’s the perfect solution to clean and maintain your carpets between your annual or semi-annual professional cleanings.

So, we have launched our initial consumer use product SaniClean Dry Capet Cleaning Snow. You can now purchase it online here

Stay tuned for more quality dry carpet cleaning products as we extend our line to keep your carpets clean, sanitized, and dry.

For any questions, comments, suggestions, or inquiries, you may contact us anytime here.

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